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The Reverse Psychology of Temptation

“Oh this is delicious, Peter. The ice cream is homemade, the perfect consistency, And this lemon cookie on top, mmmmm. Are you sure you don’t want some?” Tom* smiled devilishly as he reached across the table to hand me a spoon. Tom is my client, the CEO of a $900 million company. I was in […]

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Defend Your Sweet Spot

Spending time on projects that he considered unimportant was driving Carlos* insane. Carlos is an excellent leader. He’s turned around every business that he’s led and the people who work for him are loyal and, under his guidance, have quickly become powerful leaders themselves. He’s exceptionally good at what he does, which is why wasting […]

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How to Speak More Strategically

It had been three weeks since my throat started to feel sore, and it wasn’t getting better. The pain was most acute when I spoke. So I decided to spend a few days speaking as little as possible. Every time I had the urge to say something, I paused for a moment to question whether […]

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