In-house training for Intact Teams

What Participants Learn

Bregman Leadership Training is highly experiential and designed to address the real challenges your team is facing. Your team won’t just learn about leadership; they will become better leaders. They will increase their capacity to act powerfully in the moment - with each other - in pursuit of your organization’s most important goals. In the words of one program participant, “We learned to see each other as people so that we could trust each other as colleagues.”

In order to accomplish these goals, we will ask a lot of your team. You will take risks and fully own the outcomes, experience the highs and lows of power and vulnerability, and break the mold of behaviors that limit you. The workshop will focus on increasing your team’s ability to skillfully handle the most pressing challenges that leaders face, including:

  • Mastering difficult conversations
  • Taking smart risks
  • Managing conflict
  • Connecting with people in a way that inspires their commitment
  • Responding productively to opposition
  • Managing unwieldy politics
  • Building bridges across people, departments, and silos
  • Building trusting relationships, even with difficult people
  • Communicating skillfully
  • Showing up in critical leadership situations with confidence

Bregman Leadership Training helps your team make real progress on real issues and develop skills to move your organization forward.

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How it is structured

The Bregman Leadership Training is structured flexibly to meet the unique needs and challenges of each team and/or organization. The workshop is led by Peter and can be provided in tandem with other Bregman Partners offerings.

The training is designed for senior leadership of companies, startups, governmental, or not-for-profit organizations, but can accommodate individuals from any level. It can be provided to a few key players, an intact team, or even an entire department, function, or business unit. It can be as short as a day or as long as four.

In the words of our past participants

Here’s how one former Bregman Leadership alumna described her experience of the training and its impact:

I’ve had the advantage of working for a few very large companies, and each had huge funding budgets for leadership programs, most of which were classroom based. Everything about the Bregman Leadership Intensive was wildly different than any type of class I had previously attended.

During the Intensive, I found myself in places where my normal leadership skills simply didn’t sustain me. That’s where the real learning started for me.

In those moments, with Peter’s support, I discovered how to deal with situations where I had no clue what to do. I was able to feel incredibly uncomfortable and yet stay grounded and present and powerful. The confidence that came from this was real, and it has persisted.

My organization benefits from me being more courageous. I’m more capable of just stepping in and not being afraid of the things that used to stop me: fear of confronting people or failing or not being good enough.

In just a few days at the Training, I took in messages that I still think about all the time and that change what I do on a daily basis. I had never attended any kind of training that did that, that provided actual lasting impact.


DEANNA EMSLEY SVP, Strategic Planning at a multi-billion dollar, international lifestyle brand February 22, 2017