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A revolutionary training program.

The Bregman Leadership Training is a highly experiential, four-day workshop that focuses on deep leadership abilities. You’ll learn directly from Peter along with a select group of your high-level peers.

Talk to an alumnus

Even the best leaders have weaknesses.

Those weaknesses might be hard to identify, but the problems they cause are easy to see. Do you keep silent, though you know you should speak up? When you finally have those difficult conversations, do they end in frustration? Do you struggle to get buy-in from your team? Problems like these burden us with stress and undermine our confidence, but the truth is, they’re just symptoms of what’s really holding us back.

Successful leadership isn’t about what you know; it’s about who you are and how you show up. A traditional leadership training with lectures and powerpoints won’t help you develop your core leadership abilities. Only in a program like the Bregman Leadership Training, where you tackle your greatest personal challenges, will you grow into the most powerful leader—and individual—you can be.

Awaken your inner leader.

Every leader feels the stress that comes with risk-taking. Every leader faces conflict and the challenge of managing personalities. What makes Bregman Leaders different is that they have skills and abilities to deal with those challenges.

Bregman Leaders return to their lives with confidence, courage and personal power. They have the tools to navigate their most significant problems in the workplace, a clearer vision for their future, and a deeper self-awareness from which any obstacle can be overcome.

“The changes in me have been astounding. When I stand up to speak in front of groups, or participate in any high stakes meeting, I now consciously – almost habitually – think about my ability to remain strong and capable, particularly in the face of unknowns.”


DEANNA EMSLEY SVP, Strategic Planning at a multi-billion dollar, international lifestyle brand