Bregman Leadership Coaching Agreement


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Goals and Roles

  • The goal of Bregman Leadership Coaching is to move forward, ambitiously and powerfully, in the areas that are most important to me - while navigating the potential pitfalls and obstacles that come in my way.
  • The role of the Bregman Leadership Coach is to provide the guidance, support, and techniques - including things like listening, asking for examples, questioning, clarifying, challenging, suggesting, asking for action, following up, and reminding - to help me achieve this goal. To gain the full advantage and support of the Bregman Leadership Team, the Bregman Leadership Coach may discuss my forms/coaching process with other members of the Bregman Leadership Team.
  • My role is to set the agenda, explore my choices, make decisions, and take the actions necessary to move forward. For the coaching to have it’s optimum impact, I will:
    • Be on time, prepared, and focused for all calls.
    • Follow through on the commitments I make to my coach.
    • Give my coach the benefit of the doubt and "try on" new concepts or different ways of doing things.
    • Speak straight (tell the whole truth) to my coach.
    • Feel uncomfortable feelings so that they do not sabotage my forward movement.
    • Ask for what I need from my coach.
    • Stop or change the self‑defeating behaviors which limit my success.
    • Do the work necessary to becoming the person I want to be and have the impact I intend to have.
  • I understand that the more I follow through on the items above, the more I’ll get out of the coaching process.

I have read and understood the Bregman Leadership Coaching Agreement, and I agree with the terms.

I, , agree to uphold the terms of the Bregman Leadership Coaching Agreement.

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