Advance Your Coaching Career with our Four-Day Training Workshop.

Learn from Master Coach Peter Bregman.

Coaching can be magic, but even for skilled coaches, that magic can be elusive. Our Coach Training offers master level methodology, coaching practice supervised by Peter, and opportunities for lasting personal growth. You'll learn how to reliably create coaching magic using Peter’s QUICC Results™ Method—a process for achieving powerful results in 30-minute sessions—by:

  • Focusing on the things that are most important to your client
  • Flexing your coaching technique based on where your client is stuck
  • Cultivating emotional courage, the key to unlocking forward momentum in yourself and your clients
  • Using individual coaching sessions to drive organizational outcomes
  • Ensuring follow-through between sessions and inspiring clients to work towards a vision that is bigger than they imagined.

Take home confidence, competence, and reinvigorated passion for coaching.

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Training Dates:

November 8-12, 2017

All-Inclusive Tuition, based on housing:

$1,872 - $2,248

32.5 ICF CCEs

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Stockbridge, MA

As an Executive Coach for many years, I have attended a variety of coaching skills training programs. The Bregman Leadership Coaching Training was the most powerful four days I have experienced.
- Carol Salloway

Take the next step in your career

The Bregman Coach Training provides the possibility to significantly increase your coaching revenue and open doors to new opportunities.

With Peter’s QUICC™ Coaching method, developed over his 25+ years of experience, you’ll be able to lead coaching sessions in just a half an hour, effectively doubling your client capacity if you coach in one-hour sessions.

As a Bregman alumnus, you’ll be a part of an engaged coaching community with members who support and advise each other.

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We Are Hiring

While our trainings are not hiring events, our coaching business is growing and we are looking to hire directly from Bregman Coach Trainings.

For more details on coaching for Bregman Partners, contact Emily Cohen at

I went to the Bregman Coach Training to become a stronger coach. I returned with a lot more. It improved my relationship with my family, coworkers, and even myself.
- Abishek Gupta

If you’ve read any of his books or followed his blog, you already know the quality of Peter Bregman’s thinking, creativity and heart. After attending the coach training, I can assure you that he is the real deal and even more impressive in person.
- Nan Reed Twiss

Peter Bregman’s QUICC™ Method makes your coaching laser-sharp and outcome-oriented. No matter how experienced you are, you will walk away from this training with something valuable and new.
- Kim Derderian