Bregman CEO Leadership Intensive



The Bregman Leadership Intensive has a proven track record of making people, including CEOs, measurably better leaders. This year, we’re running one CEO-only Intensive – shorter, smaller, more targeted, and just as intensive – because the challenges of the CEO role are so unique, and the opportunity to engage deeply with your peers is so valuable, yet so rare.

Since the Intensive affects everything you do afterwards, it has the potential to be the most productive few days you spend all year. According to past participants, the Bregman Leadership Intensive:

  • develops your ability to act when you’re at your edge.
  • develops your confidence in critical leadership moments.
  • uncovers your unique blind spots.
  • increases your effectiveness in the face of uncertainty or ambiguity.
  • develops your courage.
  • develops your ability to have difficult conversations with productive outcomes.
  • stimulates you to stop procrastinating on important leadership actions.
  • creates lasting relationships you can count on.

Why Should You Go?

There are things that you are doing, saying, thinking, and feeling that can be refined. And, when they are refined, you will be more successful, the people around you will be more successful, and your organization will be more successful.

  • It’s intimate (limited to 10 people).
  • It’s all CEOs. Being a CEO can be lonely – you can’t fully confide in anyone in your organization (they report to you) or your board (you report to them). The CEO Intensive offers a confidential space to connect with peers and wrestle honestly with your current challenges.
  • As CEO, your role has a greater impact on organizational performance than any other role in the organization. Your personal flaws reverberate through the organization and the ROI for your development is disproportionately high.
  • The CEO Leadership Intensive uncovers your blind spots and replaces the patterns that get in the way of your most powerful leadership.

What Happens at the Intensive?

The CEO Leadership Intensive is NOT a training program. It’s NOT about leadership theory or philosophy. It is a meeting of your peers, led by Peter Bregman and other senior faculty, and it’s focused on finding practical solutions to real challenges you face in your business.

At the Intensive you will:

  • Have the opportunity to wrestle with your most troublesome challenges.
  • Get direct feedback from your peers.
  • Get support, ideas, and insights from your peers.
  • Uncover your blind spots.
  • Take risks in your communication – in your speaking and listening – that will make you more compelling and inspiring as a leader.
  • Take risks to grow your emotional courage – your willingness to feel uncomfortable feelings – which is the key to unleashing more powerful action.

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