CEO of an $800 Million High Tech Company

What I most appreciate about Peter is his insight, practicality and flexibility.

I began working with Peter in 2005 to accelerate my own professional development. He helped me see myself clearly: what I was good at, where the gaps were, and the best path forward to become the leader I needed to be.

The individual work evolved into a more nuanced mandate. Peter guided me to build and manage a team, and communicate effectively with what had become a global company. Working with scientists, I had to create a culture where they accepted change as progress rather than resisting it. We’ve worked hard at turning me into an inspiring leader, which is not something I’m naturally good at, but which turned out to be crucial to my ability to lead the changes that needed to happen.

Peter collects 360 degree feedback on me twice a year, and I’ve found it so powerful that we’ve expanded it to include the entire executive team. Through these 360s, our executive team has gone from partially dysfunctional to mostly functional, and the business results have been significant.

360s generate a lot of data, which can be overwhelming to the individual and to the organization trying to cope with it all. Peter’s insight is invaluable here; he sees through the bluster and fluff – and identifies and forces us to confront the real issues that we need to work on. He also reminds us of the things that have been working well, so we don’t lose sight of our progress and accomplishments.

Peter is really effective face to face, with individuals and when moderating groups. He knows just how to draw people into important and difficult conversations to get us to the meat of the matter quickly. When Peter moderates a meeting, we know something important will happen.

We have a culture that tends to avoid hard discussions, so Peter helps us depersonalize the tough issues so we can grapple with them.

He’s an empathetic listener, but also confident and assertive enough to steer a group of high-powered, opinionated, arrogant executives to deal with the important stuff. He helps us work through difficult conversations so we come out stronger on the other end, aligned in our vision and committed to a sensible plan of action.

Every company needs a team of strong, aligned executives to drive the organization to success. Peter has been key in getting us to build that aligned team to achieve shareholder goals.

Peter is highly intellectual, but that never gets in the way of his practical approach.

Whatever works or fits the occasion is what he’ll recommend. He’s a great role model of a continual learner. He listens to us and drops all his preconceptions at the door.

Other consultants I’ve worked with come with a formula – “This is how I can help you” – like a doctor writing a prescription they’ve written thousands of times before. Peter is always willing to morph his idea and his role in the service of getting things to work better.

His motto seems to be, “Whatever it takes.”

He brings with him a formidable tool kit and sharp insights, but the ideas often come from us when he facilitates group discussions. I remember we were once having trouble depersonalizing an issue, and a lot of executives were firmly entrenched in their points of view. Rather than trying to override their opinions, Peter assigned discussion of the problem to another executive who wasn’t responsible for this issue. That bit of ju jitsu opened up the discussion and led to a breakthrough.

Peter’s flexibility means that he never pedals BS; he doesn’t have any particular formula or method to defend.

He’s very thoughtful and works to find solutions that fit our particular organization. Working with him is a highly satisfying experience.

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