CEO of a Hedge Fund

When I reached a point as CEO when I felt like I needed direct help in guiding my firm to change, I hired Peter as my coach. I wanted someone I could talk to outside the firm, someone impartial.

Peter helped me implement 360 degree reviews that actually worked in the real world, for our firm, in our unique circumstances. He also supported me to develop a bold strategy about where to take the business.

What I value most about Peter is the fact that he never talks from a purely theoretical level, unlike lots of other consultants. He brings his vast experience to the current situation, and helps me see options through specific examples of what has and hasn’t worked for others in the past.

He’s also proactive in offering guidance. For example, shortly after we started working together he noticed that our recruiting and evaluation processes weren’t supporting our long-term goals. Based on his guidance, we plugged the holes and immediately began growing a stronger organization.

I can make much better decisions from within the context that Peter lays out for me. Anything that gets in my way is fair game for our conversations. I’ve found that as our business relationship has matured, I confide in Peter on a lot of levels beyond just business. And those other levels turn out to be helpful from a business perspective as well.

Every CEO knows the feeling of not being sure how to get to their goals, how to navigate the obstacles to success. As my trusted outside advisor, Peter helps me answers the questions I ask myself, so I can clearly think through my options and make the best decisions I can.

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