Global Head of HR of a $2 Billion Financial Services Company

I hired Peter to help me build and mature the HR function of a growing company. We worked on team building and designing an optimal organization structure, and dealt with some interesting characters along the way.

Peter has been particularly helpful with the three offsite meetings he’s led. First, he’s so knowledgeable about best practices in team and organization building, he brings good content and valuable insights to the table.

Second, he spends a lot of time assessing needs, talking formally and informally with team members. He never comes in with a prepackaged course that ignores our real needs. He’s partnered with me to deliver the right program, course, discussion, or combination of all of the above, based on what’s needed at any given moment.

Third, Peter is incredibly flexible once he’s in the room leading the activity. He’s very good at reading people and flowing with the discussion. He covers the topics we planned to cover and always helps us achieve our objectives. But he often pulls something else equally crucial out of a hat.

Peter’s in-depth preparation allows him to be spontaneous, and he has a remarkable ability to combine training, coaching and facilitation into a single interaction. He goes well beyond being a trainer; he knows me and the other team members well, and he always asks useful and challenging questions.

Peter doesn’t dominate the offsites; he guides the discussions, steps back and gets out of the way, and doesn’t need to have the spotlight on him. He’s very active in keeping the discussions real, like he’s always thinking, “Let me pull on this string and see what’s really there.” He states things very bluntly, without spin, and people’s heads nod in recognition. Once he’s gotten us to drill down to the tough reality, he guides us to reflect and act on it.

He’s very good at hooking people to roll up their sleeves and see themselves as part of the solution. They get that he gets what they’re saying, because he’s such a good and thoughtful and insightful listener.

Peter is remarkable at honing on the highest leverage opportunities for growth. He’s helped us become much more effective as a company. When I look back at the short list of turning points that have moved us from good to great, Peter has been instrumental in all of them.

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