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Episode 88: Mark Murphy – Truth At Work

How can we have productive conversations around sensitive issues? Bestselling author Mark Murphy offers a solution in his newest book, Truth At Work: The Science of Delivering Hard Messages. Discover the eight steps in a “truth talk,” the key to getting someone else to understand your perspective, and how to distinguish for yourself between facts […]

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Episode 83: Sean D’Souza – 13 Box System

Can you give a speech that actually inspires action? According to expert communicator Sean D’Souza, that’s exactly what every speech should do. Sean teaches us how to use the 13 Box System for constructing informative, engaging presentations that get people to take specific actions. Discover the best way to organize your speech, how to grab […]

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Episode 82: Dan Ariely – Payoff

How can you inspire motivation and loyalty in your employees? Through a series of fascinating experiments, behavioral economist Dan Ariely has begun to decipher the relationship between meaning, money and motivation. Discover one small habit that might be crushing your employees’ drive, the best way to deliver bonuses to instill loyalty, and an easy strategy […]

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