Monthly Archives: June 2009

Why we grieve for Michael, Farrah

NEW YORK (CNN) — Last Thursday my wife, Eleanor, flew to Houston, Texas, to see her grandmother, Nana, who had just suffered a debilitating stroke. Nana is 93 years old with few friends left. As she lay in a hospital bed barely able to speak, family members gathered around her to tell her they love […]

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Don’t get outraged at Sanford

  NEW YORK (CNN) — “Daddy,” my 7-year-old daughter, Isabelle, asked me this morning at breakfast, “Who is Mark Sanford, and why is he on the news?” I received two phone calls about Sanford on Wednesday afternoon. One was from a liberal Democrat who was outraged. “What a hypocrite!” he said. The caller asked whether I […]

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Is this your lucky day?

  NEW YORK (CNN) — There is a Buddhist story about a poor farmer whose one horse ran away. All his neighbors came to him in sympathy, saying “What bad luck!” “Maybe,” he responded. The next day the horse returned with several other wild horses. “What great luck!” his neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” he responded. A few […]

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